I Am Proud To Be A Hustler-Ashraf Muwumuza


I Am Proud To Be A Hustler-Ashraf Muwumuza

Ashraf Muwumuza who goes by his social media name Pencil King is the real definition of a hustler. His inspiration came way back when he was stil

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Ashraf Muwumuza who goes by his social media name Pencil King is the real definition of a hustler. His inspiration came way back when he was still 13 years of age. He graduated with a bachelor’s in Meteorology at Makerere University but because there were no jobs, he started out his business of drawing which has slowly given him some money from his talent.

1. What inspired you to do art or your inspiration?

My love for drawing art started when I was still young, making soccer cartoons, and from there when my inspiration started also at 13 years old and was the grand master of art Leonardo DaVinci.

2. What are your ambitions?

My ambition is to continue building my career so that I can be recognized on a global scale.

3. When did you start drawing?

I start drawing when I was young five years old, but professionally I start in 2016.

4. Your art pieces are so beautiful, Do you use just pencils?

Yes, I just use art pencils ( graphite type)  on normal paper.

5. How did Covid-19 affect you and your kind of business?

Covid-19 affected me so much like everyone else, no one could make any orders because people were not working, so they didn’t have money also, and I couldn’t move to buy new materials when they were over.

6. What are some of the challenges you face?

My challenge is that am still a growing artist with no established studio, so I work from home, and therefore some people find it hard to trust me with sending their money, some may think am a fraud, so I lack enough funds to lift up my career to the world.

7. Tell us about the materials you?

I use a set of Graphite art pencils, toilet paper for blending and making soft patterns, plus some rubber and white papers in sizes A3, A2, and A1 as my biggest size.

8. Which celebrates have you done work for?

I have done pieces of celebrities as samples for my adverts tho some received them. People like Canary magma, Faridah Nakazibwe, Mohammed Salah, Spice Diana, Barbie Kyagulanyi, Irene Namubiru, and Bobiwine all have received my work.

9. How much are your art pieces cost each?

A3 (medium-size) is 180k, well framed or on a board and delivered, A2 (big size) is 250k, well framed or on a board and delivered and A1 (extra large size) is 400k,  also well framed or on a board and delivered.

10. How long do you take to finish one?

The time I take is based on the content in the photo a client sends to my WhatsApp,  but usually, it is two days to five days.

11. Did you do art or not? tell us you’re course that you did?

I didn’t study art, my parents told me to do economics, in a combination of PEM ( physics, econ, and math), then after high school, I did Bachelor’s in Meteorology at Makerere University, but due to a lack of jobs, I decided to concentrate of my talent, to make it grow bigger and bigger.


Born to Miss Namusoke Aidah and The late Mr Tamale Kafeero Ramadan.

Pencil King’s real name is Ashraf Muwumuza went to Gift primary school in  Ashraf Muwumuza, thereafter he joined Light high school in Sseguku for his Senior one to Senior six.

He later joined Makerere University where he did a Bachelor’s in Meteorology.

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