Bebe Cool releases his music list of 2022


Bebe Cool releases his music list of 2022

Singer Bebe Cool has released his annual list of the best songs of the year today. Below is the full list: Ladies and gentlemen, as is the norm e

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Singer Bebe Cool has released his annual list of the best songs of the year today. Below is the full list:

Ladies and gentlemen, as is the norm every end of year, here’s the list of musicians who’ve done better musically in 2022 than the others.

1. Grenade. (Picha, Babadana, Embuuzi Ne’nte)

Absolutely impressive with proven management of Jeff Kiwa, Grenade returns on Bebe Cool list with three songs that have performed extremely well on all air waves and online. Credit goes to him for the hard work based on his background. Uganda now surely has an artist in him and he can be considered the best artist 2022.

2. Mudra. (Ayi ft sheebah, Balo Balo)

With good management, and for the second year in row, Mudra maintains his status and delivers once again. Infact, better than the previous year. I can surely say he is the most trending artist for 2022. Nearly every DJ has played 2or 3 of his songs either on radio or club and surely Balo Balo competes for Song of the year.

3. Azawi. (Bamutute, Fwa Fwa Fwa, Majje)

For the second consecutive year, with Swangz Avenue the most organized artist management company in Uganda, Azawi maintains her position as the best female artist with three massive hit songs throughout the year.
Ofcourse not forgetting her successful maiden concert.

4. Ykee Benda (nkufeelinga Ft Chembaz, Teacher Ft Fik Fameica).

Boy so tender is on Bebe Cool list 2022 courtesy of collaborations featuring Fik Fameica & Chembaz. And I can say that these songs are big hits. These songs would have even been bigger than they are if he(Ykee) had had played his showbiz better to hype the songs even further. But nevertheless, he deserves all the credit.

5. John Blaq (Follow, Chai Mata)

Something seems to be lagging John behind and whatever is happening to him has hindered him from enjoying the fruits of the above one and a half-hit songs. It’s even difficult to tell the songs belong to him. He’s been so quiet this year and yet he has big jams and I surely will credit the input.

6. Eddy Kenzo (Nsimbudde Bwe Pwa)

Grammy Academy nominee Eddy Kenzo appears on this list with one of the biggest songs. Kenzo continues to surprise people with his music career. Looking at 2022 its self, he is the only Ugandan in the Grammy awards. Secondly, he has one of the biggest songs, and thirdly, he held one of the most successful concerts. Infact, it wws one of its kind.
With his humble ways, this man is somehow lucky and don’t be surprised if Kenzo/Uganda win the first Grammy award.
We wish you the very best.

7. Jose Chameleone (Forever)

Its hard for me to include names like Jose Chameleone, Bob Wine, Bebe Cool, Afrigo Band & Maddox Sematimba on a list of music competition because I believe these names are past the aspect of being asked for a hit song.
In this aspect their legacies and old music seems to serve their fans enough with no demand for new or better songs though it doesn’t take away the fact that they are still in the race and for 2022, Jose Chameleone proves to still have the longest trending song, Forever. This song can also compete for song of the year. This legend will be holding his concert on 10th Feb 2023 and the list would like to call upon all Uganda music fraternity; the DJs, media houses and fans to turn up and offer support to the doctor.

8. Spice Diana (Regular)

Despite her personal challenges, Spice Diana this year focused on getting a single unlike last year where she appeared because of collaborations and her showbiz. Her single Regular is a trending song and has been appreciated by many people. The Bebe Cool list encourages more women to join and flourish in the music industry Spice Diana will be holding her first big concert at Cricket Oval on the 13th of January 2023 and we therefore call all women to support a fellow woman ‘nakajanja’. And ofcourse all her male fans should support her.

9. Carol Nantongo (Oliwa)

Whenever I sit down to do this list, I always seek opinions from various music gurus (DJs, Radio Presenters, Programme directors, Music Critics, Concert organizers and fans) to confirm my analysis.
Each and everyone of the music gurus I talked to had Carol on their list, and indeed in a special way deserves to be recognized for her hardwork. She’s followed up her collaboration Tukigale featuring Eddy Yawe, with Oliwa crossing over from band music to the mainstream as I had mentioned about band music two years back. Congratulations Carol. Surely, the uptown boys and girls feel you.

10. Sheebah Karungi (Bailamos)

Queen Sheebah nearly missed out on this year’s list because she has had a mixed year and this might be as a result of her exiting from her management company / longtime manager Jeff KIwa which definitely would affect any artist musically. The stiff competition from her fellow female artists Azawi, Winnie Nwangi, Spice Diana gives options to fans. Her music did not have much impact as was with previous years and I find only one song worth making the list. Her power was cut halfway but being a witness of her music journey, I know Sheebah tapowa. She’ll come back stronger and I wish you the very best Queen Karma.

11. Rickyman Manrick (Enjoyment ft Kenzo, Hangover ft Avion King)

Slowly fighting back his way to the scene, Rickyman delivers two good collaborations this year. These songs would have been bigger than what they are if Rickman was taking music as a serious business not just a hobby. All in all, I respect everyone’s plan in life as long as it is not harmful to others.

12. Kateleya and Kandle (Do Me and Njagala Money)

The two young ladies are the female new entrants of 2022 with two fairly good songs.These artists are also under a seemingly organized management that is ready to invest. The duo has surely been received quite well on stage. However on several occasions, I have heard them shouting instead of singing.
This can be excused since they are new and still learning basics.
My advice to this duo would be dance less for now and focus on the singing part when performing. Otherwise, welcome to the Bebe Cool list and all the very best in the new year.

13. Saha
Sad but true the year ends on a sad note where this young man is admitted in hospital because of the same reasons that I always talk about. These are well documented and the public knows. We pray that Saha gets well soon. And he will in God’s name.
Musically Saha did not perform well because he released many average songs, but only one surpassed. But I believe it did not become a major hit because it was a good song, but rather because of abusing and disrespecting a fellow artist and his family. This could have impressed the enemies of Bebe Cool for a few applauses but in reality, it has had a negative impact on Saha’s music this year. There is a very big difference between abusing and beefing. Beefing might be interesting to the audience but it has a limited time because what audiences consume is music not beef while abusing is treating someone with violence, disrespect and harm. With such a good talent if you (Saha) had a responsible management team, friends and genuine fans, all would have been able to advise you accordingly.

Unfortunately, artist like you negatively inspire upcoming talents to think it’s okay to promote and abuse drugs. For example, upcoming artist ALIEN SKIN who has good songs like “SITYA DANGER & TONKAKA” are learning bad ways from people like you.
He has on several occasions appeared on stage and videod smoking.
Uganda’s population is predominantly the youths. We must inspire these young people by doing right, not wrong.
I believe the platform given to us as artists by God should be used for our good and the good of our people. Entertainment and sports are very big job creating sectors which artists and sports personalities should all be responsible to promote and protect.

The Bebe Cool list will never promote or credit any form of ABUSE.

In conclusion, I congratulate every artist who has made it to the Bebe Cool list and to us who did not make it, it doesn’t mean we did not perform well but rather our colleagues worked a bit extra than us hence their extra hard work deserves recognition.

The Bebe Cool list would like to offer free studio time- to a tune of 3 songs- at GAGAMEL RECORDS and also offer 3 free Video Camera opportunities to shoot their videos to all the artists mentioned above on the Bebe Cool list.
This offer is subject to an artist having his/her own producer and booking studio time two weeks prior to the Programme. The video Camera is subject to 150 dollars as facilitation for the handler and security.

1.Winnie Nwangi – Malaika
2.David Lutalo- Kabisi Kandagala
3.Gravity Omutujju- Tusimbudde. (On this one, I’m also confused 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂)
4.Pallaso- Nsaba
5.Ronald Alimpa – Lusuku lwa Cement (Work on your discipline)
6.B2C – Obulungi Bunuuma
7.Martha Mukisa – Busy


The numbering does not necessarily reflect position.
Happy Birthday Richard Kleberson Gagamel

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