Centenary Group commences 4-Month celebration marking 40 Years of Operations in Uganda and across Africa


Centenary Group commences 4-Month celebration marking 40 Years of Operations in Uganda and across Africa

Kampala; The Centenary Brand, a pioneer in the financial sector, proudly announces the commencement of a four month celebration commemorating its r

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Kampala; The Centenary Brand, a pioneer in the financial sector, proudly announces the commencement of a four month celebration commemorating its remarkable journey of 40 years in operations.

Since its humble beginnings in 1983, Centenary has grown to become the largest bank in the region, expanding its influence through subsidiary companies including a technology firm known as Centenary Technology Services, a regional bank known as Centenary Bank in Malawi and a foundation known as Centenary Foundation.

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Over the past four decades, Centenary has undergone a transformative journey,
starting from a modest establishment to establishing itself as a powerhouse in the
financial industry. The institution’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and inclusivity has been the driving force behind its remarkable growth and success.

From the outset, Centenary recognized the importance of providing financial services to the underprivileged, aiming to bridge the gap and cater to the needs of the “last mile.” This dedication to financial inclusion  has been a core tenet of the institution’s operations since its inception.

Today, this commitment has evolved to encompass digital interventions, as Centenary Group continues to lead the way in leveraging technology to reach the most marginalized communities.
In his remarks, the Chairman of the Uganda Episcopal Conference, Bishop Joseph Anthony Zziwa, said ‘I am immensely proud to witness the institution’s 40-year milestone
and its profound impact on communities. Guided by our social mission, our institution has consistently strived to uplift and empower communities through inclusive and sustainable initiatives.

This four-month celebration not only commemorates our journey but also reinforces our commitment to creating a better world for all. Together,
we will continue to drive positive change, uplift communities, and forge a brighter future for generations to come.’
Commenting during the launch, the Chairman of Centenary Group –Prof. John Ddumba Ssentamu said, as we embark on this remarkable milestone of celebrating 40 years of operations, we reflect on our journey with immense pride and gratitude.

Our vision to be the preferred Group in financial inclusion and innovative business solutions has guided our path, and we have consistently pushed boundaries to expand our horizons.’
‘From our humble beginnings, we have grown across Africa, bringing our
transformative services to new communities and embracing the spirit of progress.

This 4-month celebration not only commemorates our accomplishments but also serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to advancing financial inclusion and pioneering new frontiers across the continent,’ Prof. Ddumba Ssentamu added.

Centenary’s customer-ed interventions have propelled the brand to serve a
staggering 2.6 million customers, making it the largest bank in Uganda in terms of
customer base. It’scommitment to meeting the diverse needs of its customers has enabled the bank to build a strong foundation, reflected in its impressive asset base of UGX 5.7 trillion.

The Bank has also established a widespread presence through its
extensive network of over 6,000 agents and 80 branches, ensuring convenient access to financial services across the country.
Centenary Technology Services, the Group technology company,stands at the
forefront of innovation, seamlessly merging digital and human capabilities to revoutionize al aspects of the Centenary Group ecosystem in Uganda and Malawi.
Through the power of information and communication technology (ICT), Centenary Technology Services believes in bridging the gap between the haves and have-nots, ensuring that everyone has equal access to financial services and opportunities.

CenteTech recognizes that ICT is a great equalizer, allowing Centenary to extend its reach beyond traditional boundaries and democratizes access to financial services.
By leveraging digital advancements, Centenary Technoogy Services is breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for even the most underserved communities.

Centenary Foundation’s vision is to have a ‘safe and sustainable world where al
citizens live a healthy, fulfilled ife of self-reliance in dignity’. To achieve this ambition, the Foundation empowers men, women, boys, girls, marginalized and vulnerable groups to sustainably transform their lives and thereby address poverty, conserve natural resources and make the world a safer and better place to live and thrive.

The new subsidiary, Centenary Bank in Malawi stands at the forefront of financial services, with a network of 14 branches, 3 microfinance outlets, and over 150 agency banking outlets, strategically positioned to serve communities across the country. The
Bank is dedicated to uplifting livelihoods, particularly in rural areas, by implementing targeted interventions that drive financial empowerment and sustainable development. With an unwavering aspiration to become the best digital bank in Malawi, Centenary Bank is committed to ever aging cutting-edge technology to deliver innovative and inclusive banking solutions to its valued customers.

As part of its 40thanniversary celebration, Centenary Group will highlight the transformative impact it has made on individuals and businesses alike. The institution’s various subsidiaries have played a significant role in expanding its reach and
diversifying its offerings.
Reflecting on the institutions vision for the future, Centenary Group aspires to be the preferred Group in financial inclusion and innovative business solutions. The company remains committed to championing financial interventions for the “last mile” and
driving digita transformations that bring greater accessibility, efficiency, and
convenience to all.

Centenary’s 40th-anniversary celebration will include a series of commemorative
events, campaigns, and initiatives aimed at expressing gratitude to its customers,
partners, and stakeholders who have been integral to its success. The institution also looks forward to engaging with the wider community to create a shared vision for a more inclusive and prosperous future.

At the end of the 4 months of celebration, a grand finale will be held in Uganda’s
capital Kampala. The finale will be a a tribute to the past, a toast to the present, and a promise for a future filed with even greater achievements.

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