It’s an East African-South African affair as contemporary African multidisciplinary artist Liboi from Kenya is back with an experimental effort, “A

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It’s an East African-South African affair as contemporary African multidisciplinary artist Liboi from Kenya is back with an experimental effort, “African Child”. The record is primed for June 16, 2023.

African Child is a powerful collaboration between Kenyan singer-songwriter, Liboi, and South African producer, Silvva, co-produced by Modest Chabari. The song, which is set to release on June 16th, International Day of the African Child, showcases a unique blend of African Contemporary and Afro-Tech music styles.

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The lyrics of African Child celebrate the resilience and strength of African children, while the music is a perfect representation of the diverse sounds of Africa. The chorus of the song chants “Sisi Ni Kizazi Kipya,” which means “We are the new generation” in Kiswahili, adding a powerful message of hope and optimism for the future of Africa’s children.

Liboi’s soulful vocals and Silvva’s production skills come together to create a powerful and catchy track that is sure to be a hit. This project aims to bring together two talented African artists and showcase their creativity to a global audience. By releasing the song on Day of the African Child, African Child hopes to raise awareness about the challenges faced by children on the continent and inspire positive change.

Teaming up with Afro House and electronic music savant Silvva from South Africa, Liboi and Silvva intersect each other’s worlds to affirm one common message. 

Painting their own sonic universe, “African Child” is an ode to Africans’ beauty, culture, power, strength in unity, and diversity. Liboi also lauds the promising future of Africa, championing the continent, its people, and advocates for equality in terms of access and opportunity. 

“It’s basically about Pan-Africanism and appreciating who we are as Africans. In the lyrics, I am reminding Africans to appreciate who we are because we are strong, full of tomorrow’s potential and equally deserving of education and opportunities” Liboi says about the song. 

“It was an awesome experience, given the fact that Liboi is fully involved in the making of the project and very passionate about what she does” Silvva mentions. 

“I had just finished watching the movie “Beast” by Idris Elba on Netflix and l couldn’t get my mind off of an amazing song which was the soundtrack for the movie “N’na Duniyaa by Sona Jobarteh”. So I started having ideas of coming up or creating slightly similar sound but fusing it with Afro house/tech which is my primary genre of production, so i reached out to a friend of mine whom i have worked with on couple of tracks “Olivia Ambani” in search of a vocalist who can sing in Swahili and play a guitar, then she introduced me to Liboi. The rest is history” Silvva maintains.

Liboi is also back from a Tanzanian music residency at Nafasi Art Space where she networked with African creatives, performed at different festivals, and interacted with the media fraternity in the Coastal country of Bongo.

My trip to Tanzania made me learn so much about myself because I was exposed to information and facts about my own preconceptions, mentalities, views and culture that I didn’t contemplate before. So I understood myself more just by learning about Tanzania and its culture.”  

“Most importantly I learned that we do hold the power to break down barriers like prejudices, preconceptions and stereotypes that hinder us from exploring the diversity we have in East Africa and Africa at large, those that hinder us from appreciating who we are and understanding others hence allowing room for open dialogues and relationships,” Liboi states. 

Of the collaboration, Silvva mentions this collaboration is a dream come true and a sonic bridge for Africa to inspire more collaboration amongst African artists. 

Song written by Sharon Ong’ayo, Composed by Sharon Ong’ayo and Evans Komora, Guitar by Evans Komora, Percussions and Udu by Eric Mwangangi, Kalimba by Sharon Ong’ayo, Co-Produced by Silvva and Modest Chabari, Mixed and Mastered by Silvva. 

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