Tanzania’s Yess Jamal, Who Has Worked With Rema, Lupita Nyongo, Don Jazzy And Will Smith, Advocates for Optimism


Tanzania’s Yess Jamal, Who Has Worked With Rema, Lupita Nyongo, Don Jazzy And Will Smith, Advocates for Optimism

Yess Jamal real name Jamal Amoul Abdalla is a talented content creator who rose to notoriety in light of his viral jaw-dropping entertaining, adv

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Yess Jamal real name Jamal Amoul Abdalla is a talented content creator who rose to notoriety in light of his viral jaw-dropping entertaining, adventurous spirit and captivating diving videos.

With a contagious sense of humour, he has become known for creating exciting, imaginative, and engaging adventure content, which he claims he utilises to inspire and delight audiences all over the world.

He revealed that he has joined efforts with several of the world’s A-listers including Lupita Nyong’o, Madonna, P. Diddy, Will Smith, and Don Jazzy among many others.

“I come from a great family in Tanzania where we were raised with love, humour, and community as our guiding principles. With a proud Tanzanian heritage, I respect the origins and embrace the cultural diversity that pours through our veins. Yess Jamal says in a candid exclusive interview, ”

He views his parents, Fatma and Amoul, as his “guiding lights” since they have continuously supported and inspired him while he navigated his career as a content creator. With his four siblings, Jamal grew up sharing priceless memories that forged relationships that are still strong today.

“The unshakable faith that my family has placed in me has enabled me to embrace my love for content production and to share my distinct viewpoints with the world. I keep expanding my horizons while using their love as a solid basis. I use my talent to engage local and international audiences.”

He continues, “My familial history is a vital part of who I am, fuelling my creativity and influencing my attitude on life. It is rooted in the love, unity, and vibrant cultural tapestry of Tanzania.

How did you start diving?

I was fortunate to grow up around diving because it is a huge part of the culture in Zanzibar, Tanzania. I was introduced to the breathtaking ocean environment as a child and started diving at the age of 8, joining a group of ardent divers.

Your intimate connection to the undersea environment and admiration for the ocean’s beauty were cultivated by this early exposure.

I now have the opportunity to use my position as a content maker to highlight the cultural importance of diving in Tanzania, capture its fascination, and encourage others to experience its delights while advancing environmental protection.

What have you achieved thus far from diving?

Well, where should I start? Because there are a lot of achievements. I work with a lot of celebrities around the world, one of them is Lupita Nyong’o and I collaborate with many Hollywood celebrities like Madonna, P. Diddy, and many more.

Who inspires you?

As a content creator, there are a lot of creators who have inspired me, the likes of Logan Paul, Mr. Beast, KSI, Khaby Lame, and several other creative creators around the world who are doing good.

How have you used your talent to change society?

I’ve always promoted positive messages and peace which I believe is a powerful way to make a difference in the world. By sharing uplifting content and spreading messages of harmony, I have the ability to inspire and create a positive impact on others.

My dedication to using social media as a tool for positivity is commendable as it contributes to fostering a more inclusive and harmonious online community.

How has diving shaped your life?

When I started creating diving content with a positive approach, it sparked a remarkable transformation in my life. By capturing the beauty and joys of the diving world and promoting responsible diving practices, I discovered a newfound purpose.

 Yess Jamal

Any regrets?

Not really. I never have a regret on my diving creator journey.

Diving looks quite dangerous. Have you encountered any life-threatening experiences while at it?

In my understanding, any sport or many sports look dangerous. It depends on the perspective in your point of view but yeah sometimes accidents happen but it’s rare. When it happens, our government takes care of us since we are very well known and they see us as one of the people who promote Zanzibar tourism.

Which Ugandan celebrities have you worked with and how did you make that happen?

I have already worked with Sheilah (Gashumba) on one of the projects to promote a musician. She contacted me via my Instagram DM.

You were in Uganda recently. What was the reason for your visit and how did it go?

My friends and I travelled to Uganda for some projects that I’m working on that we shall be uploading on YouTube soon. Uganda was nice, it all went super well. We connected with a lot of Ugandan artists including Joshua Baraka and comedian Alex Muhangi, and many more.

How has social media helped boost your career?

My social media presence has become my primary source of income, enabling me to support not only myself but also my family and friends.

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Which other African and global stars have you worked with?

I have been working with Don Jazzy and his record label Mavin Records to promote their artists including Rema. I won their trust making Rema’s song ‘Calm Down’ viral.

Now, when every artist wants to drop a song, they always contact me. There are a few artists I already work with; Kizz Daniel, Teni, Ayra Starr, Mr. Eazi, Davido, and Tiwa Savage, among others. Globally, Lupita Nyong’o and many more.

 Yess Jamal

Which people are you working with on your new projects?

On my new project, I am working with Angel Nyigu and Meena Ally.

What advice would you give to the young people who dream of being like you one day?

Find your passion! Discover what truly excites and inspires you. Seek out activities that make you come alive, whether it’s diving, exploring nature, or any other creative pursuit. Embrace your passion wholeheartedly and let it be the driving force behind your content creation journey.

Remember, your journey as a content creator and diver is unique to you. Embrace your passion, stay dedicated, and enjoy the incredible experiences and opportunities that await you.